Is it an important part of family life? There are a couple, very close friends. Young, active, play sports and travel a lot. Looking at them, you begin to envy in the good and the dream of family life. They live in perfect harmony, like little mice all the time there, hugging all the time. Sex in the family is a very rare phenomenon, saying that he was tired in training and effort zvataet only obnimashki. This is possible at all? I always thought that sex should stick together happy family life ...

I have such a situation - my martyr very good to me, take care of, support always. For more than a year relationship we have never quarreled. But sex we did not catch on. I had the first, first all erection problems were now like to get by. But he wants a maximum of 1-2 times a week!

This is despite the fact that we are still young. I naturally often want to try to start it, to come up with something - beautiful lingerie, sex toys ... But everything remains as it is. I do not know what I would do - I love it, but either have to start a lover, or it all the time to feed Viagra. Kaufen kleider online So I think that the important thing in family relationships - this is not sex itself, but the coincidence of sexual temperaments of both partners.

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